By: Nadia Cheff

Home Staging Tips

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Home Staging Tips

Having your home look at it’s best can mean having a quicker sale and getting closer to your listing price. Here are some helpful tips to help you get your home ready for showings:

1. Curb appeal is important, first impressions count. Mow the lawn, trim hedges and remove weeds. Paint doors and shutters and seal the driveway if needed. Wash windows (inside and out), railings, steps, screen doors and please remove all spider webs!

2. Use flower power! Well-placed flowers, trees and shrubs can really make the outside of a home look inviting. Not only does attractive landscaping invite buyers, it can increase the value of a home. Even without major landscaping, flowers can make a yard look colorful and pleasant. Plant them in garden beds, hang them from railings and porch ceilings, add flower boxes to window sills. There is no limit to the power of flowers.

3. Now moving to the inside, first replace all burnt light bulbs. You want your home to look bright. Fix door handles and squeaky door hinges.

4. Make all repairs necessary such as adding caulking in washrooms if needed, repair leaky faucets, appliances if needed etc.

5. De-personalize and de-cluttering is essential, buyers need to “picture themselves and their families living in your home. If needed, consider renting storage or ask someone you know if you can store extra furniture or boxes at their home until your home is sold.

6. A fresh coat of paint on walls, ceilings and baseboards go a long way! So does changing your shower curtains to a neutral colours.

7. A dirty carpet will not appeal to buyers. Consider having your carpet steam cleaned. It’s money well spent.

8. Clean kitchen and washrooms.

9. Wash all floors.

10. Insure every room smells good. Empty all garbage before showings.

11. Laundry should almost be done daily and clothes should be put away.

12. Make sure all dishes are done and put away and your appliances look clean.

13. Organize closets and donate (or sell) whatever you don’t need. Having a full and disorganized closet may give the impression that there is not enough closet space.

14. Make a quick list of last minute things to do before leaving your home in the morning for work or before you leave when you have a showing.

Best of luck!